Wednesday, June 01, 2005

New Jumper, 6/1/2005

Around noon today, a man joined a line of reporters waiting to enter the White House grounds. He showed his driver's license and demanded to see President's Bush, was refused, then walked a bit further down the fence and tried to jump it. The Secret Service apprended him right away, of course. (Wow, I think this is our first jumper since November!)

News linkage:

- Witnesses said the man hopped into a line of people who were waiting to go through the northwest gate and said he wanted to see the president. But the man didn't have the proper credentials. The man stepped out of line, yelled a couple of times and ran toward the fence. As soon as he made it over the fence, the Secret Service apprehended him.

- "At about noon today, an unidentified male jumped the fence on the north side of the White House grounds," said a presidential protection spokesman. "He was apprehended by Secret Service and taken into custody and Secret Service is currently investigating the incident."

- A man in a t-shirt and baggy pants at the White House Northwest gate was refused entrance, so he scrambled over the gate. Officials tell Eyewitness News the man presented what was presumably a driver's license. When he was told to stand back, he scrambled over the fence.

- "Keep your head down, turn it away", an agent, submachine gun aimed, yelled at the man who was ordered to the ground. "Turn away, don't move, now." The man was quickly searched and taken to a holding area in an adjacent guard shack. Information on his identity was not immediately available. He wore a t-shirt and grinned throughout the entire incident, which sent tourists on Pennsylvania Avenue scurrying away.

President Bush was in the White House at the time, meeting with South African President Thabo Mbeki in the Oval office.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did anyone see that enormous black dude who stopped the jumper? Ive never see another human being as big as this guy. I saw him on arresting the jumper, but can't find a picture of him on internet yet. Can anyone post a picture or tell me where to find one?? This dude was a beast...

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