Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Red Van

A man in a red van breached tight pre-inaugural security and is stopped at 15th and Penn NW, at the White House security barrier, surrounded by police and Secret Service. Apparently he is distraught over a child custody case, and is threatening to blow up himself and his van with a container of gasoline.

But he hasn't tried to jump the fence.

Story from WTOP, NBC4, and WJLA.

(I'd link WaPo but their stupid registration doesn't work in OS X Safari 1.0.3, so sucks to them.)

Key quote from the AP report in WTOP News: "Another witness, Nick Wutherich, visiting from Texas, says he walked past the van and describes the driver as looking like a hippie, with a blank expression on his face. Wutherich says all of a sudden he heard screams and saw police with guns drawn converging on the van and ordering people out of the area."

Dang hippies.

Update: Standoff ends peacefully. I'm sure that child custody case will go absolutely swimmingly for him now! CNN reports his name was Lowell Timmers, 54, of Cedar Spring, Michigan. DCist has more.